by James A. Martin

Tie Photo/Video Notes to Your Calendar with ‘Life Noted’ for iOS 7

Sep 27, 2013 2 mins
iPhone Mobile Apps

A new iOS 7 app lets you create and tie text, photo and video notes to your mobile calendar. The free version of the app is limited, though, so you might want to shell out $3 for the premium version, according to blogger James A. Martin.

You’ll find no shortage of apps that aim to replace the iOS Calendar in Apple’s App Store. Life Noted is different, though, because it onoy runs on OS 7, and it combines note taking with appointments.

Life Noted

(Screen shot by Exaclair USA)

Exaclair USA, which distributes paper planners such as Quo Vadis, developed Life Noted to be a rich calendaring tool. The app displays and lets you create or edit calendar appointments, just as you would in the iOS Calendar app. But, separately from your appointments, you can add notes in text, video or photos that are relevant to your day.

The notes aren’t connected to appointments, however. So if you need to make notes about an upcoming meeting, for instance, you’d use the “Notes” field in your calendar appointment, just as you would in the iOS Calendar app.

The notes tool in Life Noted could be useful for making quick lists for specific days, such as grocery lists. Or you could use it to take notes, photos or videos of something meaningful to you during the day—say, a sunset as seen through an airplane window or a particularly appetizing plate of food.

Life Noted is free, but you can only add three notes, of 140 characters or less, per day. You can’t export notes to PDFs for sharing in other apps, such as Evernote or Dropbox. You can’t create custom tags, and there are ads running along the bottom of the app screen. An in-app purchase of $3 for the premium version removes all of these restrictions.

Life Noted is an attractive app, and I like how it combines notes and calendar appointments while keeping them separate. But unlike apps such as Tempo, Life Noted offers nothing new to the calendar tool. And it’s not optimized for iPads or available for Android. Still, if you’d like one app for appointments as well as capturing daily lists, thoughts or experiences, Life Noted is worth a download.