by Al Sacco

Apple Sells 9M New iPhones; 5S 3X More Popular Than 5C

Sep 23, 20132 mins

Apple's first weekend iPhone 5S/5C sales numbers are impressive, as expected, and it sold more than three times as many high-end 5S devices than midrange iPhone 5Cs, according to one research firm.

This morning, Apple released its first weekend iPhone sales, as expected. And as expected, they’re pretty darn impressive.

Localytics iPhone 5S 5C sales numbers

After every new iPhone release in years past, Apple quickly announced sales numbers. But this year’s numbers dwarf the sales of the last iPhone 5, which was released on Sept. 21, 2012. Apple said it sold 5 million iPhone 5 devices in the three days following its release. So it nearly doubled that number this year, though the company did release two new phones instead of just one. (Check out “iPhone Evolution, Timeline and Notable Moments” for more details on past iPhone sales.)

Apple did not release official details on how many iPhone 5S devices and how many iPhone 5C devices it sold. But market research firm Localytics estimates that Apple moved 3.4 times more 5S devices than iPhone 5C handhelds. Localytics’s data seems legit, too; it’s based on the firm’s information on more than 20 million unique iPhones tracked through applications and customers.

Localytics iPhone 5S 5C sales numbers

It makes sense that the iPhone 5S vastly outsold the 5C, because the people most likely to run out to buy new phones on launch weekend are the people who want the latest and greatest, not necessarily the latest and not greatest.

By comparison, struggling handset maker BlackBerry sold roughly 3.7 million devices during its fiscal second quarter, and it offers a number of different models.

Also of note, Apple said some 200 million iPhone users are now running its new iOS 7 software.

Apple’s numbers are impressive any way you look at them. And you might want to give the stink eye to anyone who suggests that Apple’s not long for this tech world.


Via AppleInsider (Hat tip to @chrstphrsmth)