by Al Sacco

Stop the Gold Phone Madness! (Before It’s Too Late)

Sep 16, 20132 mins
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Apple's release of a gold-colored iPhone 5S could mark the start of a very disturbing trend, according to's Al Sacco.

Arguing personal style tastes is akin to arguing politics, religion or favorite sports teams; no good ever comes of it. And, of course, nobody is right or wrong, when it comes to individual beliefs or tastes. But still: That new gold iPhone 5S is hideous, damn it.

Gold iPhone 5S

I’m speaking out against this monstrosity before it’s too late, because I know Apple’s popularity means it is one of, if not the, leading tech-style trend setters, and I fear that Apple’s introduction of the gold iPhone 5S will lead other manufacturers to introduce more cheap-looking gold-color handsets. Tablets will be next. (Gizmodo already wants you to think a gold iPad mini would look good in your clutches.) It’s only a matter of time before MacBooks get the gold treatment, and then there’s no turning back.

All that’s gold does not glitter. And contrary to popular belief, Apple can do wrong when it comes to product design.

Gold iPhone 5S bottom with TouchID

I simply don’t want to live in a world populated with people who think gold phones look good. And you shouldn’t either. Come on. You’re better than that…unless, you’re Snookie. If you’re Snookie, you should definitely buy that gold iPhone and put a leopard skin case on it as soon as possible.

What do you think?