by Al Sacco

Nokia Knocks New iPhones, iTunes Radio

Sep 11, 20132 mins
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Nokia tried to steal some of Apple's new-iPhone thunder yesterday with snarky tweets and a mocking press statement.

The acquisition of Nokia’s mobile device unit by Web giant Microsoft seems to have breathed new life—and more than a little snark—into the struggling Finnish company.

Shortly after Apple announced its new iPhone lineup yesterday, Nokia’s UK Twitter feed, @Nokia_UK, released a couple of tweets aimed at Apple, its colorful new iPhone C, and the gold version of the new iPhone 5S.

From @NokiaUK:

And a few hours later, Nokia knocked Apple’s gold iPhone 5S on Twitter with a reference to the popular TV show, Breaking Bad:

Nokia’s global Twitter account, @Nokia, then retweeted both posts. Nokia also issued an official press statement that contained another barb, this time related to Apple’s announcement of iTunes Radio, its upcoming streaming music service.

From Jyrki Rosenberg, VP, Nokia Entertainment:

 “It’s good to see the launch of Apple’s radio service. We firmly believe that personalised streaming services, such as our own Nokia Mix Radio, are the future of music discovery…Nokia Mix Radio has been offering an ad-free, offline enabled, global music streaming service on Nokia Lumia devices for a couple of years now. We have launched in 28 countries as diverse as China, India and the US, and consumer reaction has been very positive, especially regarding the quality and simplicity of the service we offer.”

In other words, “Yeah, Nokia did colorful phones and streaming music way before you, Apple.” ZING.

Then again, BlackBerry also offered a streaming music service in the summer of 2011, and it was a train wreck that was eventually folded by BlackBerry in the spring of 2013, so it’s really about execution and not just the idea.

Regardless, I enjoy the mostly-friendly banter back and forth between the smartphone heavies. And Nokia has a point: It did offer the same colors first, and Heisenberg would never use that fugly gold iPhone.