by Al Sacco

AT&T Details 4G Improvements at Comic-Con ’13 with Crafty Comic Strip

Jul 18, 20131 min
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AT&T created a comic strip to tout its LTE and 4G HSPA+ network improvements in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter for ComicCon International 2013.

AT&T Comic-Con LTE 4G HSPA+ wireless network

U.S. wireless carrier AT&T spends a lot of time and effort—and even more $$$$$$–boosting its cellular network in and around high-traffic areas and at major events. (Last year, I got a firsthand look at how AT&T helps to ensure that Celtics and Bruins fans at Boston’s TD Garden have all the bandwidth they need to surf the Web and share images and video.)

With Comic-Con International 2013 starting today, AT&T has worked to ensure that nerds, Dalek dudes, geeks, dorks, Firefly fans, dweebs, goobers, Trekkies, comic-book scribes and scribblers, and the celebrities who make the various forms of entertainment for all of these folks, have plenty of bandwidth. And the carrier created a comic strip to detail some of its efforts. Most notably, perhaps, is the fact that AT&T claims to have increased its LTE and 4G HSPA+ network capacity in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, home of the San Diego Convention Center and Comic-Con, by more than 350 percent since last year’s show.


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