by Al Sacco

Why I’d Buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Instead of the HTC One

Jun 19, 20132 mins
AndroidMobileOperating Systems's Al Sacco sums up the reasons why he chooses Samsung's Galaxy S4 over HTC's One smartphone.

During the past week or so, I pitted HTC’s One smartphone against Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in a number of tests, to try to determine which device is best for me, and to point out some of the most notable differences between these two popular Android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One smartphones Android

If you want details, read this story outlining what the Galaxy S4 does better than the HTC One or this story outlining on how the One outperforms the GS4.

To sum up the whole experiment, I’ll say that I would choose the Galaxy S4 over the HTC One.

I won’t, however, say that the GS4 is a better device for all users. That’s why I wrote two separate pieces spotlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each handheld.

For me, the Galaxy S4 provides a better Android experience than the HTC One. It has a better camera, with lots of advanced features and functionality for people who want to take the time to learn them and put them to use. It has a removable battery and memory card support, both of which are very important to me. And it has a larger display, even though the device itself is smaller and more compact overall.

These things alone are enough to sway me in the direction of the Galaxy S4, despite some great features in the HTC One that for others may give it an edge over the GS4.