by Al Sacco

BlackBerry CEO Sends Some Love Along with Staffers’ New Smartphones

May 02, 20131 min
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BlackBerry chief Thorsten Heins is sending thanks to some of his staffers for their efforts during tough times in a unique and creative way, along with new BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

That Thorsten Heins, man, he’s a keeper.

I don’t know what Mr. Heins is like behind closed doors, or in the boardroom, but he has impressed me every step of the way, after I first met him at last year’s BlackBerry World conference. I’ve since seen him speak numerous times, in front of small gatherings and huge crowds alike, and I even did a lengthy interview with the man last July, in which he was surprisingly candid.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins thank you

The image above comes from the box of a BlackBerry employee’s new smartphone. I know many BlackBerry staffers personally, and to say that the last few years have been a bumpy road for them would be an understatement. Heins knows that, and while BlackBerry is still facing an uphill battle, BlackBerry 10’s generally-positive reception in the mobile market is slowly breathing new life into the Canadian company. It’s refreshing to see a CEO taking the time to send a message like this one in such a creative way.


(Many thanks to Nicole Dussault for sending along this image.)