by James A. Martin

SugarSync iOS App Gets New Features, Polished UI

Apr 16, 20132 mins

Following up on recent Android, desktop and Web-interface refreshes, SugarSync released an updated app for iPhone and iPad, making the service a stronger competitor in the crowded file-sync/sharing market.

SugarSync generally receives less attention than its file-sync/sharing rivals Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box and Google Drive. I suspect that’s because SugarSync’s past desktop and app interfaces were confusing compared to the Zen-like simplicity of, say, Dropbox.

But SugarSync’s free, updated iOS app has a redesigned, streamlined interface. The makeover initially debuted earlier this year with the SugarSync desktop app, Web interface and updated Android app.

The new interface makes SugarSync easier to navigate. For example, it’s now simple to quickly access shared files by clicking “Shared with Me” or “Shared by Me” tabs.


SugarSync for iOS also has some useful, though not exactly revolutionary, new features. “Open In” lets you open files from other apps directly into SugarSync and choose the folder in which you want the file saved; and “Cloud Search” helps you find files or folders you’ve synced. I also appreciate that you can sort files within the iOS app by name (from A to Z or from Z to A) as well as by date (newest to oldest or vice versa). Not all file-sync/sharing apps make sorting so easy.

One thing I’ve always liked about SugarSync is the ability to sync to any folder on your computer as opposed to only a dedicated folder, which is how Dropbox and most other competitors work. SugarSync also gives you 5GB of free storage compared to Dropbox’s 2GB, though Microsoft bests them both with 7GB of free SkyDrive storage.

SugarSync’s updated iOS and Android apps aren’t enough to make me forsake Dropbox, which I’ve used for years, or SkyDrive, which I’m increasingly using because of its low cost. But the apps definitely make SugarSync a stronger competitor in the competitive file-sync/sharing market. 

(Screen shot by SugarSync, Inc.)