by Al Sacco

The $15M iPhone (Yes, 15 MILLION Dollars)

Apr 16, 20132 mins
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The world's most expensive phone is supposedly this iPhone with a 26-carat, black-diamond home button, 135 grams of 24-karat solid gold and more than 650 white, flawless diamonds. The price? A cool $15.3 million.

I’ve featured gaudy gadgets from U.K. jeweler Stuart Hughes many times in this blog—most recently around Valentine’s Day—but this latest device really takes the cake. It is apparently “the world’s most expensive phone” at £10 million, or roughly $15.3 million, and it’s a custom-made, one-of-a-kind device commissioned by a wealthy Chinese businessman/super villain. (Okay, I have no idea if the dude is a super villain or not, but the assumption seems like a safe bet, doesn’t it?)

Stuart Hughes Most Expensive Phone iPhone

The Stuart Hughes creation’s most notable feature is probably the 26-carat black diamond that serves as the iPhone’s home button, which was provided by the businessman, let’s call him Ming Moneybags.

From Stuart Hughes:

“This beautiful handset took 9 weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chasis of the iphone 5 in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand, including a flawless black single deep cut diamond weighing in at 26 cts, most unique to replace the home button also the chasis was inlaid with a circa of 600 white flawless diamonds with full gold dressing for the rear section with the logo in solid gold with 53 flawless diamonds. This masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 135 grams of 24ct gold and of course sapphire glass set in the screen. The result was outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. The handset was commissioned for Stuart by a Chinese business man who has had the black diamond for a while , this handset total cost is £10 million.”

Stuart Hughes Most Expensive phone iPhone

I’m not even sure what else to say except that I can’t wait to see what Stuart Hughes comes up with next.