30 years a sysadmin

The profession -- and everything it involves -- has changed dramatically, but has been (and still is) a fun ride.

Looking back after spending more than 30 years as a Unix systems administrator, I have to say that's it's been quite a ride.

It certainly wasn't 30+ years of doing the same thing. Instead, the technology and the job have gone through incredible changes along the way. There were dramatic improvements in the hardware that I managed and always plenty of new tools to learn and use.

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Over the years, I went from reveling in how much work I could get done on the command line to grappling with some big issues -- troubleshooting some very complicated problems and figuring out how to best protect my employers' information assets. Along the way, I worked with some amazing individuals, got laid off (once), and learned a lot about what works and doesn't work both from a technical and a career perspective.

Here are my reflections on the changes I've seen and those still to come.

How the technology has changed

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