by Kristin Burnham

Twitter’s Instant Replays Keep You on Top of March Madness

Mar 20, 20132 mins
Social Networking AppsTwitter

NCAA basketball tournament fans can get a quick fix of all the top plays minutes after they happen by following the official March Madness Twitter account.


If you’re stuck at work during a key NCAA basketball matchup or if you missed the highlights from a late-night game, Twitter has you covered.

This year, in addition to posting scores, news, photos and reactions, the official March Madness Twitter account, @marchmadness, is also posting 15-second videos of big plays minutes after they happen.

Videos are available to Twitter users across all devices: phones, tablets and PCs. Twitter introduced video clips last year with ESPN for college bowl game highlights. This year, the microblogging site partnered with Turner Broadcasting and Silicon Valley-based startup Snappy TV to bring you the replays.


Tweets linking to videos will contain the URL shortener. On mobile devices, you’ll see a “play” button icon. In both instances, the videos will load in a separate window.

“Instant replay plays to Twitter’s strength of news in real time and on mobile,” Glenn Brown, director of promoted content and partnerships at Twitter, told told USA Today. Posting real-time video on mobile devices has also created a lot of interest from advertising networks, he says.

With mobile news consumption on the rise, video promotion—and the opportunity for more ad dollars—seems a logical next step. What do you think about Twitter’s video partnership? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.