by Al Sacco

Samsung Enlists Bucktooth Businessboy to Promo Galaxy S4

Mar 04, 20132 mins

Samsung today released its first promotional video for the new Galaxy S4 smartphone, which is to be unveiled on March 14 in New York City. A scene in the video is reminiscent of a classic clip from the film Pulp Fiction, but the promo is a bit boring overall, according to blogger Al Sacco.

Last week Samsung sent out media invites to its Galaxy S4 smartphone launch, and I must say, I’m anxiously counting down the days until March 14, when I’ll attend the event in New York City and hopefully get my mitts on the new Galaxy S4 handset.

The company is slowly building attention around the Galaxy S4 launch event, starting with a short video promo it posted on YouTube that features an awkward little bucktoothed businessboy who’s been tasked with guarding a Samsung branded box that presumably contains the new Galaxy S4—and some kind of weird glowing light, à la Pulp Fiction. Check out the video above.

I really wish the guy signing over the Galaxy S4 box to little Jeremy Maxwell simply stated “We happy? Jeremy? We happy?” after giving him a peek of the box’s glowing contents, mirroring the conversation between Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece. (See the below video clip.) As is, the video is kind of lacking.

Lacking promo or no lacking promo, the Galaxy S4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and poor video promos won’t do much to dissuade smartphone nerds from eagerly awaiting the day that Samsung makes the Galaxy S4 official. Little information has leaked on the new device, but one question that keeps surfacing is whether or not the new Galaxy will be made of metal or another similar material instead of the flimsy plastic that’s used to compose the Galaxy SIII.

Time will tell, and I’ll have lots coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event in this blog, so stay tuned.