by Kristin Burnham

Facebook Tests New Timeline Design

Mar 01, 20131 min
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Still don't like Timeline? You may be in luck. Here's a look at an alternative design Facebook is testing--in New Zealand.

When Facebook launched Timeline early last year, users instantly disliked the modular design and loathed its privacy implications.


A year later, if you still despise Timeline you may be in luck: It appears that Facebook is testing yet another new design with its users in New Zealand, who traditionally receive updates and new features before other countries.

TheNextWeb obtained an image of the possible new layout, which is similar to one that some Facebook users in New Zealand saw in January.

This design omits the About, Friends, Photos and Apps boxes now found below the cover photo. Instead, it opts for tabs, which you can expand in a column on the left when you click on one.

Another big change: Timeline posts are no longer broken into two columns; instead, the design reverts to the more linear view that you had before Timeline launched.

What do you think about the new design? Do you prefer it over Timeline?