by Shane O'Neill

Office 365 for Business Deemed Cool but Complex

Feb 28, 20132 mins
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Here are some Office 365 reviews, FAQs and warnings about version complexity and pricing from around the Web.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft rolled out the last stage of the newest version of Office 365 yesterday for businesses and as expected it’s a confusing affair, with various versions and price points (There’s Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Midsize Business and Office 365 Small Business Premium). Yet Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make cloud- and subscription-based Office accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Office 365 is also now available to consumers with its Home Premium version.

The stand-out features that make the new Office 365 really new are smoother integration with Microsoft’s online storage service, SkyDrive, as well as a new feature called On Demand that allows users to use Office docs on any computer, even ones that do not have Office installed.

Here are some Office 365 reviews, FAQs and warnings about version complexity and pricing from around the Web.

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Microsoft conducted a launch Webcast about the rollout yesterday. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley pulled some of the audience’s most pressing questions and Microsoft-provided answers from the Webcast. (ZDNet)

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Living with Office 365: Here’s What I Love — and Hate

The new versions of Office 365 hassome elegant features, a few baffling implementations, a couple technical hiccups, and a host of really neat features primarily for seriously heavy Office users. It’s a compelling vision. But does it actually work? Here’s what Nancy Gohring of CITEworld found out. (CITEworld)

Why Microsoft Is Pushing Office Subscriptions

The launch of new and revised Office 365 software-by-subscription plans for businesses shows that Microsoft realizes its current licensing revenue is threatened by cost-cutting customers, an analyst said. (Computerworld)

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