by Tom Kaneshige

Infographic: BYOD’s Dirty Little Secret

Feb 20, 20131 min
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Are your employees taking liberties with their BYOD expense reporting?

The horror… the horror.

When it comes to “Bring Your Own Device” expense reporting, employee behavior isn’t as bad as Apocalypse Now. But you have to admit, it’s still cheating.

The temptation to submit a huge expense report for your personal smartphone that you also use for work can be too high for most people to resist.

Mobile consultancy Network Sourcing Advisors has seen first-hand employees expensing family plans, upgraded phones and termination fees when the BYOD policy clearly states otherwise. Executive globe-trotters would rack up huge international charges and float them past the inattentive eyes of finance.

Enterprise mobility management company Visage Mobile witnessed an admin at a company spend $3,000 in Haiti relief via text messages on a BYOD cell phone. While the employee paid for the mobile device, the company footed the bill.

Companies often counter this abuse by putting a monthly stipend or cap on reimbursement. But let’s be honest, most people will ask for the highest stipend and sign up for the biggest data plan so that they won’t be hit with overage charges.

It’s the dirty little secret of BYOD, and Visage Mobile has an infographic to prove it:


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