by Kristin Burnham

FedEx Mocks Social Media Strategists in New Ad

Feb 13, 20132 mins
Social Networking Apps

FedEx, a company with a strong social media presence, pokes fun at social media strategists in its newest TV commercial. Is it funny or offensive?

Anyone—especially young, disheveled hipsters—is qualified to run a business’s social media operation, right? That’s the message FedEx sends in a new commercial released on YouTube.

“Rather than chase after virtual fans, FedEx can help you reach real-life customers,” its description says.

The ad opens with a manager speaking to a group of employees about how its business needs more likes and tweets to grow. He introduces the employees to the company’s new group of “senior social media strategists,” and cuts to the manager’s young son and group of friends.


FedEx TV Ad “Social Media”

One employee asks that since the company manufactures radiator valves, wouldn’t it be better if FedEx helped them expand to new markets? The businessman replies that it “sounds better than a few likes.”

The ad pokes fun at social media managers, sure. But FedEx clearly understands the value of social media: Its Facebook page has nearly half a million followers and is updated regularly with service alerts, polls and promotions. Its Twitter page has 129,000 followers and posts several times a day.

Some news sites took offense at the ad, calling it hypocritical, puzzling and insulting. But it’s not the first time social media managers—or their profession—have been lampooned: Social media tends to be an easy mark, especially for those who don’t understand that the profession is more than generating likes and tweets.


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