by Al Sacco

Buy Valentine’s Day Love with a Custom Pink iPhone 5

Feb 13, 20132 mins

Can't buy me love? Bah. Designer Amosu Couture thinks its pink Valentine's Day iPhone could help redirect Cupid's arrow your way. The custom smartphone certainly isn't for the weak of wallet, though, with a price of $2330—and that's just the starting cost.

A few years ago, I wrote a story that spotlighted a handful of ridiculously expensive BlackBerry smartphones, and now I get an email every few months or so from one of the designers I featured in the piece touting some ridiculous new handset with a wildly-exorbitant price tag.

Amosu Couture pink Valentine's Day iPhone 5

This week, Amosu Couture sent me a photo and some information on its Apple Pink iPhone 5, which it is calling the “World’s First Valentine Special Pink iPhone 5.” I highly doubt this is the first pink customized iPhone 5, but perhaps it is the most special. It does come with optional “Pink Swarovski crystallized elements,” after all. (Classy right?)

The price? A cool $2330 (£1500) for the unlocked, standard-pink version and $4515 (£2900) for the Swarovski’d pink iPhone. For those prices you also get a free, pink-calfskin case worth $312 (£200).

Of course, you could also pay a hell of a lot less for a custom pink iPhone from ColorWare and get even more color options. (I think the ColorWare iPhone 5 below is better looking, too.) The fully customized Valentine-themed ColorWare iPhone 5 costs $1200, or about half as much as the Amosu version, but it isn’t available with gaudy-looking crystal sides.

Whenever I get an email from Amosu, I wonder how many people actually buy these things. I guess I could see pop-culture phenom Snooki or her less-vertically-challenged sidekick JWOWW rocking one of these pink iPhones along with some matching pink-leopard-skin garb. The only similar device I’ve ever actually seen in person was a diamond-encrusted BlackBerry that belonged to “tech futurist”/space cadet, who I interviewed in 2010.

ColorWare pink iPhone 5

Honestly, my girl, already an iPhone user, would probably love this pink phone…until she learned how much it cost. Then she might actually end our relationship because, frankly, spending so much money on a smartphone shows an undeniable lack of good judgment that borders on being plain old dangerous—at least on a lowly journalist’s salary.

Learn more about Amosu’s pink Valentine’s Day iPhone on the designer’s site. Or pop on over to to customize your own cheaper, yet-still-very-expensive version.