by Al Sacco

Unlocked iPhone 5 Now Available via Apple

Nov 30, 20121 min
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Apple is now selling unlocked versions of its iPhone 5, but they don't come cheap and aren't compatible with all major U.S. wireless networks.

Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 Pricing

Apple is now offering unlocked iPhone 5 devices via its website. Until today, the iPhone 5 was only available via wireless carriers and you had to sign a wireless contract to buy the device at a subsidized price. Now you can pay a bit more for the device and use it on whichever (compatible) network you want. Unfortunately, the unlocked devices only work on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the United States, so Verizon and/or Sprint customers are out of luck.

Here’s the official pricing, from Apple: $649 for the 16GB unlocked iPhone 5; $749 for the 32GB unlocked iPhone 5; and $849 for the unlocked 64GB iPhone 5.

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