by James A. Martin

Free Adobe ‘VideoBite’ iPhone App Enables Easy Video Edits

Feb 07, 20132 mins

Adobe's new, free VideoBite app lets you capture, edit and share iPhone videos. The interface is good looking and intuitive, and the software works well, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Twitter’s Vine iPhone-video app was all the buzz about a week ago, with privacy and porn issues making headlines. Around the same time, Adobe’s iPhone video-editing app, VideoBite, made its way into Apple’s App Store. (Neither app is currently available on other mobile OS platforms.)

The free VideoBite app makes it easy to capture a new video or import an existing one from your iPhone’s camera roll, then edit and share it. As the recorded clip plays, you can click a “heart” icon to select a segment; click it again to stop the selection; click it another time to select another segment; and so on. You basically pick the best parts of your video, and the app creates a new version of the video using only your favorite parts.

Adobe VideoBite

You can preview videos before sharing them. You can also easily mix various video clips together and rearrange the order using an “Arrange” feature. Finally, you can share finished video to Facebook or save it to your Camera Roll—but not to YouTube, Twitter or any other social-media accounts.

The VideoBite interface is well designed. It only took me a few seconds to understand exactly what I could do and how to do it. I can’t say that for some other video- or image-editing apps. VideoBite lets you easily apply edits after you capture a video. With Vine you have to edit as you record.

VideoBite isn’t nearly as full featured as, say, Apple’s own iMovie app ($5). But it’s free. It’s easy to use. And it should make your Facebook videos a lot more interesting.

(Screenshot: Adobe)