by Constantine von Hoffman

10 Great Cybersecurity News Sources

Dec 21, 20123 mins

The 10 news/analyst websites/RSS feeds I follow and you should, too. They put the Info in InfoSec.

This being my last post for the year, I thought I’d make a Top 10 list of things that really are instead of pretending I know what will be.

These are all just really good sources that I check religiously in my RSS feed. They are not listed in any particular order

  • KrebsOnSecurity: Brian Krebs is a top-notch reporter with an amazing knowledge of IT security. DO NOT go to his site to find out what the latest headlines are. DO go because he breaks news and does a superb job of in-depth reporting.
  • ThreatPost: Anyone would be skeptical about a news site run by a vendor. However, a couple of them have learned that providing real, solid news coverage does far more for your brand than shilling the product. ThreatPost, Kaspersky Labs’ news site, is one of the best at this…
  • Naked Security: … So is Naked Security, which is run by Sophos. Both sites shy away from stories that might be critical of them, which is understandable, but they give a good solid look at the latest news.
  • Salted Hash: I promise you this is not just here because it’s from CIO’s sister publication CSO – which I have also written for. If you doubt this just go and read Bill Brenner’s blog for yourself. He doesn’t give you all the news, instead he goes deep on one or two stories of the week. Read him and you will definitely learn something.
  • SCMagazine: This one isn’t really a blog – although there are bloggers involved – as much as a news feed of articles in the magazine and on the site. Because this is a British publication it offers a lot of stories that don’t make it into the US-centric sites.
  • InfoSec Island: This is an analysis site where a lot of very smart people write about various security issues. These range from looks at breaking news to looks at the trends shaping the news. Very straight ahead and very little snark – but I hope you know where to go for that.
  • SlashDot: This one doesn’t need an me explanation. Go. Read. Learn.
  • The Register: Now these folks know how to do snark and a lot of stories other people miss. My one complaint isn’t about the content it’s about the RSS feed. You can’t just get the security news, even though that’s what you are promised. You get everything and at The Register everything is a lot.
  • Help Net Security: You’re going to see a lot of the same stories on all the news feeds because that’s the nature of the beast. What makes a feed useful for me is quality of reporting, finding stories others miss and smart analysis. HelpNet does all of these.
  • IDG News: I know I sound like a homer but IDG is really quite good at this. The link here goes to NetworkWorld’s security feed but each magazine has its own news feed focusing on issues of interest to its readers. CIO’s feed is here.