by Al Sacco

British PM Throws BlackBerry During Q&A Session, Recovers with Bad Cricket Joke

Nov 06, 2012 1 min
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British Prime Minister David Cameron demonstrates what not to do if your BlackBerry unexpectedly starts ringing during an important meeting, event or speaking engagement.

Everybody occasionally forgets to silence their phones during meetings and other events, even important government representatives. But not everybody panics and throws their device across the room when they receive an unexpected phone call or alert.

That’s exactly what British Prime Minister David Cameron did when his BlackBerry started ringing during a Q&A session with students in Dubai yesterday. Cameron is in the United Arab Emirates pitching British-made military equipment, according to

The whole throwing the BlackBerry thing is amusing enough—why wouldn’t you just silence the damn thing yourself? But the real kicker is Cameron’s response when his confused UAE ambassador drops the tossed BlackBerry:

“Oh dear, our ambassador doesn’t play cricket, obviously.”

Yuck, yuck. Bloody good show, sir.