by Paul Mah

Colorspace UDMA2 Storage Device is an Invaluable Tool for Photographers

Oct 24, 20122 mins
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The Colorspace UDMA2 is a battery-powered storage gadget that lets you quickly and easily backup files stored on memory cards.

The HyperDrive Colorspace UDMA2 is a portable storage device that lets users quickly back up their digital media, to safeguard data or free up memory cards. An internal 2.5-inch storage drive provides 1TB of storage space, and the ColorSpace UDMA2 works with a range of memory cards including CompactFlash Type I, SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC cards.


Colorspace UDMA 2 is Packed with Features

The device takes 5 to 10 seconds to boot up into a main menu. You navigate using directional buttons, and the gadget has Android-like on-screen “Menu” and “Back” buttons. There are also two buttons to zoom in or out, though they are only visable when you preview photos.

Shortcut icons in the main menu let you transfer photos from a memory card to the Colorspace UDMA2 with one click, preview photos and a browse files. The picture viewer supports JPEG and RAW files from major camera vendors, and the file browser lets you navigate through the folders in its local storage of the Colorspace UDMA2 or on your memory card.

One particularly valuable feature is the ability to find (and recover) files that have been accidentally deleted from your memory card. You’ll want to be careful when using this feature with a low battery though, because there is no way to stop it once it starts.


Combined SD/MMC slot (left) and the Compactflash slot (top)

The manufacturer says the device will last for 120 minutes of importing photos or 180 minutes for photo playback, which should be enough time to transfer almost 200GB of files.  HyperDrive also sells an external battery pack for those who require more juice.

Overall, the Colorspace UDMA2 isn’t difficult to use, but it does have some quirks. When powered on, for example, the HDD causes the device to move as the disk drive spins. It’s not a major problem–just don’t put it on the edge of your desk.


The Colorspace UDMA2 without a hard disk drive costs $249 via the company’s online store here, and the model I tested costs $449. Other capacities are also available, ranging from 500GB to 1TB.

It’s arguable that buying more memory cards would be a more cost effective option, but some professional photographers–or very serious amateurs–will find the Colorspace UDMA2 to be indispensable gadget.