Top 4 marketing automation tools and why you'll love (and hate) them

A handful of professional digital marketers weigh in on their favorite marketing automation tools, and spotlight pros and cons of each. Some of the picks were the usual suspects — HubSpot and Hootsuite — while others were surprises.

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3 more marketing automation tools you need to know about

The digital marketing pros interviewed for this article also identified the following, lesser-known marketing utilities.

Edgar is a social media dashboard ($49 a month and up) with similarities to Hootsuite and Buffer that lets you create a library of social media updates to post multiple times.

"I have a library of, say, 50 tweets that Edgar just keeps recycling. Some people will argue that you shouldn't recycle content. But when you think about Twitter, there's so much content moving so fast, it's likely when you tweet that many followers never actually see it." — Sarah Doody, user experience design and product strategy consultant.

Act-On is a marketing platform (pricing starts at $600 a month) and "a lower-cost alternative to Pardot for B2B marketing [that's] a little easier to operate." — Aleks Peterson, technology analyst, TechnologyAdvice.

IFTTT is a free automation service that lets you use or create recipes to link one cloud service to another, and itis an overlookedresource for marketers.

"I have a slew of sites I visit regularly in my Feedly account. I read the articles there, mark the ones I want to share with 'save,' and those links are automatically sent to my Buffer account via IFTTT. Later, I go to Buffer to clean up the posts and make sure they're phrased how I want and have appropriate people or sites tagged. But the process of moving them from one place to another takes literally one click." — Amy Vernon, consultant, Amy Vernon LLC

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