by Tom Kaneshige

Who Could Play Steve Jobs?

Apr 04, 20122 mins
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If you're casting someone to play the late-Steve Jobs, what qualities would you look for? Enigmatic? Ruthless? Sneaky? Clever? Charismatic? All of the above? Among today's leading men, here are 10 who could portray the iconic Apple CEO, for better or worse.

Ashton Kutcher

The former Mr. Demi Moore has reportedly landed the role of Steve Jobs in an Indie movie. Really? As an actor, Kutcher has next-to-no range. And Jobs is one complex dude. This should be funny. Teardown: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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Noah Wyle

“Image by Codepinkhq/Flickr

Noah Wyle played Steve Jobs in “Pirates of Silicon Valley” in 1999. Did Wyle carry the charisma? The shrewdness? Despite some overacting, Wylie put in a solid performance, but it wasn’t very memorable.

Tom Cruise

“Image by Wikimedia Commons

Well, at least “charisma” is covered. And Cruise was a very, uh, intense public speaker in “Magnolia.”

Christian Bale

“Image by Asim Bharwani/Wikimedia Commons

Christian Bale has Steve Jobs-like mystery and ambition down pat. After all, Bale is Batman.

Bradley Cooper

Plays a good villain, and has psychotic eyes that could pull off the Jobs death stare. Oh and chicks dig him.

Eric Bana

“Image by David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

Eric Bana comes off well-enough as a nice guy, but deep down he’s a real badass.

George Clooney

He’s played a charming presidential candidate, a smooth casino robber and Batman (sorta). Why not Jobs? Clooney also comes off as a statesman. People are compelled to listen to him, much like Jobs.

Sam Rockwell

Steve Jobs is perhaps the most unusual CEO of our time, a man who defies labels, a real rebel. Maybe Sam Rockwell is the guy.

Ed Norton

Ed Norton is a charming and likeable fella yet underneath has a dark, secret side. Much like the man who founded and ran Apple.

Sean Penn

“Image by Seher Sikandar/Wikimedia Commons

Gravitas. Anger. Brooding. Intelligence. Leadership. The great Sean Penn has it all. Teardown: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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