by Rich Hein

Top Starting Salaries for College Technology Majors

Feb 05, 20133 mins

Inside the world of IT and technology the college major you choose will directly relate to what you earn after graduation. Take a look at where the money is in 2013 for new college graduates.

Are you just graduating from college or just trying to pick a major in the world of technology? If so, you’re probably wondering where the money is and what you can expect to earn at your first job. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) ‘s January 2013 Salary Survey is out. The results highlight starting salaries for target graduates entering the workplace. spoke with Andrea J. Koncz, employment information manager of NACE to dig a little deeper and see how various technology degrees were faring in the real world.

NACE is a nonprofit organization, data for its survey is compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau and proprietary data developed by Job Search Intelligence, a compensation-measuring company.

Tech Career Salaries on the Rise for Grads

Tech Career salaries, college grads

While all tech majors are enjoying higher starting salaries, mechanical engineering saw the largest increase year-over-year. Salaries for graduates with ME degrees increased 4 percent, bringing the average to $62,900. While this category saw the largest percentage increase overall, computer engineering tops the list with a starting salary of $70,400.

Where Computer Science Grads Makes the Most

Computer Science Tech salaries, college grads

Manufacturing and government positions are at the top of the list in the computer science category. New hires straight out of college are commanding $68,300 annually.

Grad/Entrant numbers refer to the number of graduates who entered the workforce with the respective degree/major.

Government Tops for Information Sciences Majors

Information Sciences Tech salaries, college grads

Information Sciences and Systems majors are getting the biggest bang for their tuition buck among graduates employed inside the local and federal government. These new hires are making $64,100 right out of school.

Manufacturing Pays Off for Computer Engineers

Manufacturing Tech salaries, college grads

Companies in the manufacturing industry paid the most for college graduates who majored in computer engineering. These candidates can expect to make $73,600 right out of school.

EE Grad: Head for the Public Sector

EE Grad Tech salaries, college grads

Electrical/Electronics and Communications engineering majors saw a 3.8 percent increase overall in starting salaries, but the federal and local government is where these engineering graduates are being paid the most straight out of school. These new hires can expect to make $71,200 annually.

Where Mechanical Engineers Get the Best Start

Mechanical Engineers Tech salaries, college grads

Mechanical Engineering majors earn $62,900 on average, but in what industry are they making the most? The federal and local government again dominates the field offering college graduates $70,800 a year for their services.

Know Your Tech Skills

Tech salaries, college grads

Still not sure where to start or which career direction you should head in?

Nosce te ipsum is Latin for Know Thyself. Are you great at math and not so good at dealing with people? Is your strength problem-solving or relationship-building? There are thousand choices you could make regarding your degree and career, but knowing your strengths and weaknesses will give you the best insight as to which major is right for you.