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10 Free Android Apps for Easy Task Management

Feb 20, 20137 mins
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Busy? Of course you are. Own an Android tablet? Then one of these 10 free task management apps will help you organize your business and professional lives.

You’re a busy professional. From sales meetings to picking up a suit at the cleaners on the way home, each day is filled with countless tasks that need to get done. The good news is that a good task management app installed on an Android tablet will help you stay on task throughout the day and remind you when something important needs to be taken care of.

We’ve put together this list of 10 useful Android tablet task management apps to help you stay on top of those important—but often easy to forget—daily work and home tasks. All are free, though some have for-pay “professional” versions.

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Any.DO: Create To-Do Lists on the Fly


Any.DO To-do List & Task List lets you create simple to-do lists on the fly using any Android mobile device. You can separate business from personal life duties in different folders to manage all kinds of daily tasks. After creating your to-do lists, Any.DO lets you share with your contacts to keep everyone up-to-date on important business projects. There’s also a homescreen widget to remind you of what needs to be done when your device is powered on. This is a great little task management app that will keep you ahead of the game at work and home.

Download Any.DO To-do List & Task List (free).

ColorNote Notepad: Organize Notes, Calendars by Color


The ColorNote Android app by Notes is a simple way to organize all sorts of notes and checklists. You can create lists in the app and then organize them by date, name or color. Organizing by color is handy: You assign tasks to one of nine colors, then sort the tasks in any way you choose. The built-in calendar displays matching color boxes for assigned tasks. Notes and checklists can be sent to co-workers or family members via email, Bluetooth or Facebook. ColorNote also integrates with many task management apps for Android.

Download ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do (free).

Evernote: A Digital Notebook You Can Share


Evernote, by the company of the same name, is an easy-to-use Android app that keeps you on track by organizing all your to-do lists and tasks. You can create notes, to-do lists and task lists and then share them across any mobile device or computer when you sign in to your online account. This handy notebook system keeps notes sorted in categories, including different departments within your business. Images can be attached to any note you create and shared via email, Facebook, Twitter or Bluetooth, making it easy to keep colleagues in the loop.

Download Evernote (free).

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Google Tasks Organizer: Manage Tasks Across Google Accounts

Google Tasks Organizer

This easy task management app can improve productivity for those using Google accounts and products. Google Tasks Organizer by Tinjasoft helps busy professionals keep track of daily tasks by syncing the app with notes from multiple GMail accounts and conveniently storing it all in one place. Google Tasks Organizer offers a simple interface so you can quickly view your tasks, details and schedule. Busy professionals will appreciate that you can sort tasks in a number of ways and keep important items at the top of the list.

Download Google Tasks Organizer Lite (free) or Google Tasks Organizer ($2.95).

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Location Based Task Reminder: Don’t Drive By Something Important

Location Based Task Reminder

Location Based Task Reminder by GTM360 is a handy app to increase productivity on the go. You can track out-of-office tasks by receiving notifications when you approach a saved task and location. For example, if you keep forgetting to pick up your new business cards, add it as a task and include the print shop address and a notification and the alert radius. The app uses a sound notification when you enter the pre-defined radius. As long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, you’ll never drive or walk by something important again.

Download Location Based Task Reminder (free).

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MyLifeOrganized: Long-Term Goal Assistance


MyLifeOrganized by the company of the same name is an all-in-one “get organized” Android app to help busy people keep track of virtually everything from small tasks to huge goals. It’s easy to create tasks and notes on the go and set reminders so you actually do them. A good feature for managers and sales professionals is the long-term goal feature; here you set a project goal and are reminded of required to-do tasks every step of the way to project completion. When you connect to the MLO Cloud Service, you can collaborate with colleagues or sync tasks across mobile devices.

Download MyLifeOrganized (free).

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Simple To-Do List & Reminders: Manage Single User or Department Workflow

Simple To-Do List & Reminders

Astrid’s Simple To-Do List & Reminders lets you create and sort tasks into custom lists. Simply type a name to categorize lists (or use the speech recognition feature on your Android device if you’re too busy to type). It’s easy to pick a list, create a task, add specific details and schedule a due date. When tasks are completed, check it off the list with a quick tap. This app is helpful for those managing a number of daily tasks for different departments within a company.

Download Simple To-Do List & Reminders (free).

Task List: Tap to Prioritize, Swipe to Remove

Task List

Who said being organized was hard? This free task management app makes life easy for professionals who need to balance a hectic career and busy personal life. A key feature in Task List: To Do List by LorSoft is the capability to make separate lists that let you keep tasks sorted properly and by priority. You can add tasks to any list and include pertinent details, schedule a due date and set a reminder notification to make sure it gets done. Tap any task to prioritize it with a red dot to make it stand out. When you complete a task, simply swipe to remove it.

Download Task List: To Do List (free) or Task List: To Do List—Pro ($0.99)

Trello: Create Boards to Share With Your Team


Trello by Fog Creek Software offers a project management app to help your entire team stay on task by organizing everything from simple daily tasks to large group projects. Using a system of boards, you make “to-do” lists, “doing” lists and “done” lists. Add team members to the board so each person can comment and post to the board. You can also create personal boards to remind you of all the tedious daily tasks in your personal life that need to get done—or those professional tasks you might not want to share.

Download Trello (free).

Wunderlist Task Manager: Prioritize What Needs to Get Done

Wunderlist Task Manager

Wunderlist Task Manager by 6 Wunderkinder is a free app to organize notes, lists and tasks. With the ability to create multiple lists, this app sorts all tasks into categories such as work and family, making it easy to remember what needs to get done at some point during the day. One useful feature is the starring function: This lets you mark (star) tasks from any list and prioritize that item to the top of the list. Tasks and lists can easily be shared with colleagues via Bluetooth, email or Facebook.

Download Wunderlist Task Manager (free).