by Rich Hein

13 Job Search Apps That Will Help You Get Hired

Jan 28, 20147 mins
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Looking for a new job? In a market as competitive as IT you've got to be connected, organized and prepared. These apps will help you stay ahead of the curve wherever you are, so you never miss an opportunity.

Mobile Job Search Apps

The only way to get the job you want is to be like a boy scout — always prepared. Mobile job search apps can help you do just that. No matter where you find yourself, you’ll never miss an opportunity because you weren’t ready.

Jobs apps have come a long way over the years. According to recent data from ComScore, the number of applicants searching via a mobile device has risen from 2.3 million to more than 9.3 million. In face, mobile users will outpace desktop users by 2015.

The apps listed here will do everything from deliver job search postings to organize your job search contacts and information – and they will even help you update your resume.


TweetMyJobs is a recruitment site that connects job searchers with relevant job matches, which are then delivered via email, mobile device or Twitter. This easy-to-use site is quick to get started with. Simply navigate to its site, add the title and the industry you are looking to be a part of, and then choose how you want to be notified.

Platform: Android, iOS URL: Price: Free


Monster is another major player in the career board game that has a mobile offering. The Monster mobile app allows you to edit and maintain your Monster profile, quickly search and apply for jobs, have new postings emailed and more. In fact, much of the site’s functionality has made its way to Monster’s mobile experience.

Monster also offers an iPhone-only app called Monster Interviews, which is designed to help prospective candidates get ready for interviews. The app also offers expert advice, tips and additional resources.

Platform: Android, iOS URL: Price: Free

Job Search by TheLadders

The Ladders is one of the leaders in the online jobs market, boasting more than six million members. The job matching app allows you to see how you stack up with the competition, alerts recruiters to your interest in a job and delivers relevant job postings.

Platform: Android, Price: Free

The Jobrio job search mobile app, formerly called Hire-A-Droid, is a job search aggregator that combines job postings from 13 of the top online job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, GitHub and more. The international service allows you to search them all or individually to help you refine your search and find a job built for you fast.

Platform: Android URL: Price: Free

Job Search – Simply Hired

SimplyHired’s mobile app provides a simple, intuitive interface that links to one of the largest job search engines out there. Like Jobrio and Indeed, SimplyHired’s listings are pulled from varied sources around the Web, including job boards, newspapers and company websites.

With the goal of creating a seamless experience whether you’re on your mobile device or your desktop, this app will connect you to relevant job postings fast. “Mobile is a crucial part of the job search equation for candidates and recruiters; we are seeing more than 1/3 of our traffic come from mobile devices today and this is only growing,” says James Beriker, president and CEO of SimplyHired.

Platform: Android, iOS URL: Price: Free

LinkUp Mobile

LinkUp does things a little differently. Instead of aggregating everything, it focuses its searches on company websites. Using an algorithm and keywords based on your search, LinkUp returns results directly from company pages. Doing so eliminates paid listings and can help you avoid third-party recruiters and scammers alike. An additional upside is that as positions are filled and company websites are updated so are LinkUp’s job search listings — so no more applying to outdated job postings.

Platform: iOS, Android URL: Price: Free


The Glassdoor app and site give you an inside track to what’s going on in any given company, including salaries, company reviews as well as open positions. The insight provided can help you figure out whether a company’s culture is something you’d want to be a part of or what salaries you can expect. Feedback is provided from current and former employees, so caveat emptor.

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android URL: Price: Free


“Job boards have become ineffective, and it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers to get noticed with a cold approach,” says Aviram Ben Moshe, CareerSonar co-founder and chief technology officer. Having an inside contact is often the best way to be hired at any organization and CareerSonar is designed to help you do just that. Connecting with your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, it aggregates and ranks current open positions by the strengths of your social connections. It helps you identify contacts within the company you’d like to join. You can then leverage those contacts to get your foot in the door.

Platform: Mobile Web URL: Price: Free

Pocket Resume

Building a great resume is hard work, whether you’re creating a new one or updating your old one. Pocket Resume aims to make it simpler by giving you the capability to create, edit and send your resume from your mobile device. Getting started is simple, use the pocket resume user interface, enter your information, choose a template and it will format your information and output your resume in PDF or RTF format.

You can import your LinkedIn data into the app to simplify the process even more.

Platform: Android, iOS URL: Price: $2.99

Hidden Jobs

According to Hidden Jobs, more than 80 percent of job postings never get advertised. Their service looks through company websites, newspapers, press releases and other online media sources to identify companies that are “expanding their operations.” Hidden Jobs doesn’t actually list jobs on its app, but using its data you can identify companies on the cusp of hiring and then target them for a position. Hidden Jobs refers to its apps as “radar for new jobs.”

Platform: iOS URL: Price: $0.99

Job Search by Indeed

Indeed is another leader in the online job search field. It aggregates job listings from newspapers, job boards and company websites. Indeed’s mobile app brings the power of its website to your mobile device. The easy-to-use app allows you to view job listings, see new jobs that have posted since your last visit, set-up job alerts, save or email listings to yourself, review employers and salaries, save searches and, of course, apply for jobs.

Platform: iOS, Android URL: Price: Free


JobMo looks for jobs in more than 20 different countries and uses worldwide localization to find the postions closest to you and allows you to apply to them right from your mobile device. It also offers resources to compare salaries based on industry trends.

Platform: Android, Mobile Web URL: Price: Free

Jobs by CareerBuilder

Jobs by CareerBuilder is an app that harnesses job listings both locally and across the country. The Jobs app lets you manage your profile, view job listings, apply online, upload your resume, email job listings to yourself or others via social media, and compare yourself to other job seekers going for the same position. The app can also find jobs near you as well as help you to research companies you are interested in.

Platform: iOS, Android URL: Price: Free