by Keith Shaw, Shane O'Neill

Navigating Windows 8: A Visual Tour

Apr 05, 20122 mins
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The Windows 8 Metro Start Screen is a bold new direction for Microsoft's flagship operating system. Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is definitely generating its share of buzz. In this video slideshow, Assistant Managing Editor Shane O'Neill walks through the new Metro Start Screen and the various Windows 8 apps and navigation features.

Windows 8 Interface: Metro Start Screen’s Shane O’Neill gives you an overview of the Metro Start Screen from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Windows 8: Moving between Metro Screen and Traditional Desktop

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If you don’t like the Metro Start Screen, there’s an alternative –’s Shane O’Neill shows you how to switch between the new display and the traditional Windows desktop.

Windows 8: What are Charms?

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One of the newest features in Windows 8 is the concept of Charms.’s Shane O’Neill shows you how to access them from the side of the screen.

Windows 8: The Windows App Store

“Image by’s Shane O’Neill gives the highlights of the new Windows App Store, including a needs-improvement search functionality.

Windows 8: Thumbnail List of Last 7 Apps Open

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Similar to the Alt+Tab function in Windows 7, the thumbnail list in Windows 8 Consumer Preview gives you a clickable image of the last 7 apps, games or Web pages you had open.’s Shane O’Neill shows you where this is located.

Windows 8: Semantic Zoom and Grouping Apps

“Image by’s Shane O’Neill shows you how to zoom in and out to get a better view of your apps, and how to group multiple apps into a single category, a new feature of Windows 8.

Windows 8: Internet Explorer 10 Overview

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The Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes the debut of Internet Explorer 10.’s Shane O’Neill offers an overview of the new browser, and how to switch to the more traditional look and feel.

Windows 8: Refresh and Reset

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New features of Windows 8 lets users refresh their operating system while keeping their data, or completely reset their system (if they’re selling or recycling the PC). CIO’s Shane O’Neill shows how to access these new features.