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11 Best Cities to Find an IT Job

Jan 16, 20137 mins
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Finding the right job in the IT field is always challenging, but there are good opportunities for talented IT professionals--especially if you are willing to move on to greener pastures in other parts of the country.

Finding the right job in the IT field during the best of times can be challenging, but in ultra-competitive times like these you have to work a little harder and be a bit more flexible. There are opportunities for talented IT professionals who aren’t afraid to move on to greener pastures in other parts of the country.

This best cites to find an IT job in 2013 list is based on internal data from Modis, a global provider of IT staffing and recruiting services, via its regional branch network across the U.S. The list factors in projected IT job opportunities based on the volume of job openings over the past six months as well as general assessment of the overall economic environment in each market.

11. Omaha, NE

IT jobs, Omaha, NE

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Why Omaha? Demand for developers is high. Mobile computing skills, open source technologies, project managers and business analysts are being pursued in Omaha as well.

Healthcare IT, technology (software and cloud) and manufacturing are the top industries looking for employees here. Home to five Fortune 500 companies, Omaha has a low unemployment rate and a wide range of opportunity, due in part to a diverse economy spread across many industries. From a regulation perspective, Omaha affords a pro-business climate and a conservative culture, which have helped keep the city protected from economic downturn.

Top Industries Hiring: Trade, transport & utilities, education & health services and professional & business services

Skills in Demand:

• Software Developers • Java & .NET Developers • Business Analysts • Help Desk

10. Raleigh, NC

IT jobs, Raleigh, NC

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Why Raleigh? With the development of Research Triangle Park, Raleigh has become a major player in research and an epicenter of tech innovation inside of the U.S. The tech friendly community boasts opportunities with biotech, pharmaceuticals, software development, medical device and insurance companies.

According to Modis, Raleigh is becoming a hub for tech companies and slowly becoming a model on how to do things right in the tech space.

Top Industries Hiring: Technology, medical research, healthcare and education

Skills in Demand:

• Project Managers • Business Analysts • Help Desk • Java & .NET Developers

9. Denver, CO

IT jobs, Denver, CO

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Why Denver?  Denver is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the country and, although it sometimes stands in the shadow of the larger tech-cities, it is home to a large, growing technology and telecommunications industries. There are also an increasing number of start-ups that call Denver their home.

Top Industries Hiring: Healthcare, retail, telecom, technology

Skills in Demand:

• Software Developer • Business Analysts • Help Desk

8. Los Angeles, CA

IT jobs, Los Angeles, CA

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Why Los Angeles? Although the overall rate of unemployment in L.A. is high, the tech industry is full of opportunities for IT pros with the right skillset. Software and solutions architects, and mid and senior-level project managers are in demand.

The healthcare and entertainment industries are seeing a great deal of opportunity, according to Modis, while finance IT jobs in 2013 may be winding down. The demand for Java developers is strong and growing, with no signs of slowing. Like other U.S. cities, businesses in L.A. are looking for more senior-level talent across all skill sets.

Top Industries Hiring: Manufacturing, banking & finance, aerospace, professional service

Skills in Demand:

• Software Developer • Java & .NET Developers • Business Analysts • Project Managers

7. Boston, MA

IT jobs, Boston, MA

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Why Boston?  Opportunities for software developers are being pursued across a span of industries, from financial and insurance, to emerging technology like pharmaceuticals and biotech. Java developers are difficult to find and in high demand here.

Boston businesses are looking to grow their helpdesk and support staff. Many companies are emphasizing “white glove customer service” — individuals who can provide level III helpdesk support are in heavy demand.

Cambridge Center, home of MIT and Harvard, has become a hotbed for startups, which are also providing opportunity for job seekers.

Top Industries Hiring: Financial, insurance, transportation & utilities and professional & business services

Skills in Demand:

• Analyst • Help desk • Project Manager • Software Developer • Database administrator • Database developer

6. Charlotte, NC

IT jobs, Charlotte, NC

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Why Charlotte? While Charlotte may be known for its banking community, there are other opportunities here as well. IT Pros with a few years of experience may find favorable conditions in the growing healthcare and energy industries.

Top Industries Hiring: Healthcare, energy, and manufacturing

Skills in Demand:

• Project Managers • Business Analysts • Java & .NET Developers

5. New York

IT jobs, New York

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Why New York? High-tech and new media industries have taken a $9.2 billion toehold in the city, particularly in what’s termed Silicon Alley. Cornell University (funded by the Mayor’s $100 million education contest), NYU and Carnegie are developing new campuses to meet the demand for skilled IT professionals due to the relocation of tech companies.  That investment has ranked New York a top destination for startups and established tech companies (like Google and Facebook). New York is the heart of the financial services industry, with growing opportunities in insurance, infrastructure, cloud computing and media.

Top Industries Hiring: financial services, technology (software), government

Skills in Demand:

• Software Developer • Analyst • Project Manager • System Administrator • Architect – IT • Database Administrator • PC/Help desk/Desktop Support • Database Developer • Quality Assurance • Network/Telecom

4. St. Louis, MO

IT jobs, St. Louis, MO

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Why St. Louis? Described as the “Wall Street of the Midwest”, it caters to many financial services companies needing good project managers. The healthcare and government sectors hold opportunities for software developers, especially those specializing in .NET and Java.

Many large companies are looking to the Midwest to move IT roles out of high cost areas. The cost of living and growing opportunity make St. Louis a viable option for jobseekers.

Top Industries Hiring:  Manufacturing, agricultural & healthcare biotechnology, information technology, healthcare & social services, professional & technical services, retail

Skills in Demand:

• Data analysts • BI specialists • Health care specialists • Java, .NET, and front end Developers • Project managers • Quality Assurance

3. Minneapolis, MN

IT jobs, Minneapolis, MN

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Why Minneapolis? Minneapolis is becoming a technology hub as tech companies relocate headquarters/offices to the Midwest to save on overhead. Minneapolis is home to a highly educated population who are coming to the city or staying as career opportunities continue to grow. The jobs are most plentiful in the financial services space, followed by healthcare and manufacturing. Help desk and computer repair positions are available for the trade-school and entry level grads while project managers and developers are most in demand at the mid-to high-level positions.

Top Industries Hiring:  Banking and financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, technology

Skills in Demand:

• Analysts • Java & .NET Developers • Helpdesk • Project Managers • Quality Assurance • Telecom and network technicians

2. Washington, DC

IT jobs, Washington, DC

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Why Washington DC? The Washington D.C. area is home to hundreds of major research universities, think tanks and nonprofit organizations, leading to a wide range of opportunities for the skilled IT worker.  The government and government contractors continue to drive the need for analysts and Java and .NET developers.

Top Industries Hiring:  Government integrators, telecommunications, professional services, technical service vendors, scientific research, educational services

Skills in Demand:

• Analysts • Java & .NET Developers • PC helpdesk Technicians • Project Managers • System Administrators

1. San Francisco (and surrounding Bay Area)

IT jobs, San Francisco (and surrounding Bay Area)

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Why San Francisco? The technology industry continues to dominate the Bay Area, seeing significant growth in IT job opportunities, particularly in mobile app and services development. Many companies are building apps with cloud-hosted consumer IP built-in creating a significant demand for analysts and database developers. Additionally, since most apps are built on .NET or Java, these skills are a paramount. San Francisco-based companies are looking for IT workers across the spectrum making it great for IT jobseekers of all skill levels.

Top Industries Hiring: Mobile applications, biotechnology/medical science, environmental technology, information technology 

Skills in Demand:

• Java & .NET Developers • Data Analysts • Database developers • Project Managers • BI Specialists • Health Care Analysts