Gift guide: The 15 best books of 2015 for IT leaders

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for a friend, a Secret Santa gift for a coworker or even just a present for yourself, you can’t go wrong with one of these books for business-minded bibliophiles.

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The holidays are a perfect time to invest in your own education. These books – whether you buy them on your own or ask for them as a gift – will give you keen insight as an IT leader coming into the New Year. Some challenge the notion of whether employees should be treated as assets, others provide a wealth of research about digital distraction and the rise of machine learning. 

sherry turkle reclaiming conversation

1. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age – Sherry Turkle 

MIT professor Sherry Turkle examines how our gadgets are distracting us from having real conversations with people in life and at work in her groundbreaking book. It’s a brilliant study because it contains so many powerful examples culled from hundreds of interviews. 

Pages: 448 (hardcover)
Publisher: Penguin Press

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