Demand for data driven marketers will drive CMO turnover, IDC predicts

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cmos and big data

IDC predicts that CMO job turnover will continue at 25% per year (or higher) through 2018, driven by the recruitment of those rare few who are true data driven CMOs.

"No CMO today can be a good marketer unless they become a good technologist," says Kathleen Schaub, IDC Vice President Research, CMO Advisory Service. "To find a truly data driven marketer is very rare," she says, adding that many CMOs "simply will not be able to make the cognitive shift from inside out to outside in."

Adding fuel to the talent shortage, "there are many attractive new companies starting today and those CMOs who have become good at data technology and digital are successful and hotly recruited," says Schaub. "When [those CMOs] get recruited they start a chain reaction of available CMO positions and as new CMOs come on board, IT and marketing need to be joined at the hip."

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