Digital Sense: Delivering cloud solutions that support business growth.

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Dec 09, 2021
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Digital Sense is well known among private sector enterprises and government agencies throughout Queensland for its full suite of cloud solutions. The company’s products and services address everything from data sovereignty and data protection to the demand for low-latency, cloud-native applications. We spoke with Digital Sense’s Head of Sales and Commercial Jon Pannell to learn more about the company’s offerings, the demands driving Australia’s enterprises to the cloud and what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified.

“Our goal is to make it easy for customers to harness the power of the cloud to grow their businesses,” says Pannell. “Prioritizing simplicity in our product set and customer deployments is the most important element of our approach. We deliver a simple and proven integration with a customer’s existing VMware infrastructure for high-performance, high availability solutions. Whether the customer resides in our VMware-based private cloud, is integrated with public clouds from a hyper-scaler, or is part of a hybrid deployment, our focus is always on consistency in delivery.”

Simple, elegant solutions are a hallmark of Digital Sense and have been the philosophy that has shaped the company since its inception in 2006.

“From an architectural standpoint, the best technology solutions typically aren’t the most complicated or that cost the most,” Pannell says. “Customers want simple solutions that deliver real value and work flawlessly in complex environments and deployments. We offer tailored solution platforms that deliver this while overcoming common challenges related to resources, cost optimization, security, agility and speed to market.”

Pannell says the pandemic exacerbated many of these challenges but also accelerated cloud adoption in the country. It’s a trend he doesn’t expect to slow anytime soon.

“More of our customers need cloud platforms that support remote working,” he says. “This necessitates the management of multiple cloud solutions and hybrid deployments that address specific requirements of various workloads. New requirements for security, application delivery, storage and other cloud services come with this shift. Enabling remote, distributed workforces is where our ability to deliver efficiency through our solutions comes into play in a big way.”

The VMware advantage

Pannell notes that working with VMware technologies provided customers with an additional level of comfort throughout the development and deployment process. Notably, Digital Sense’s private cloud is VMware Cloud Verified and delivered from the company’s own data center, a high-performance facility in Kenmore, Brisbane, and across other local third-party data centers.

“Our team is acutely aware of the importance of using technologies that we and our customers can trust,” says Pannell. “Holding VMware Cloud Verified status demonstrates our ability to deliver consistency to customers in multiple availability zones and regions. The peace of mind that customers gain from being backed by industry-leading infrastructure is invaluable. It delivers the confidence that our platform will handle a customer’s requirements as they evolve.” 

It’s a formula that is winning business. Digital Sense recently used advanced VMware HCX technologies to complete a large customer onboarding initiative. The sizable migration was completed rapidly and without impacting users or application performance. The company also recently developed a holistic network security and automation platform based on VMware technologies for the digital transformation of a large government agency. The solution reduced operational costs, increased the agency’s ability to be agile in its operations and maintains security controls at the strictest levels. The Digital Sense team also managed to complete the project early and under budget.

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