IDC: If CIOs fail to step up on digital transformation, IT won't matter

"In 2016, CIOs will face their biggest crisis in leadership as they struggle to adjust to the speed and the needs of this business transformation," says Serge Findling, Vice President of Research at IDC. Is your IT organization prepared?

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"Last year's CIO FutureScape reported that with traditional approaches IT organizations were often too slow in the face of the business's overarching need for speed, and that frustrated line of business executives were taking charge of their destiny," says IDC Group Vice President Joseph Pucciarelli. "A year later we have found that IT organizations are further behind as we struggle to support digital transformation, which is now entering mainstream adoption."

IDC recommends rapidly taking the following actions:

  • Start acquiring new talents and capabilities. The old excuse ‘we don’t have time for that now’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. Make time for it now, get started immediately, or it won’t matter in a few years.
  • Cultivate and train internal talent as a way to shift skill sets to those that are needed to support digital transformation.
  • Build a solid architectural foundation of plug and play services that enable new digital products and services. Be the "enterprise broker" of internal and external services.

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