The first things you should do with your new Android phone

Follow our guide to making the right tweaks and getting the best apps for your new device.

moto x pure edition new device
Derek Walter

A new Android phone can turn anyone into a kid again. Whether you got one as a gift or bought it yourself from one of the many holiday sales, we’re here to get you started off on the right foot.

That’s because getting back on the Android saddle isn’t always a smooth ride. While there are many aspects of the operating system you can bend to your liking, it can feel a little overwhelming if you’re new to Google’s OS or are returning from a long absence.

A quick setup, with options 

One of the most greatly-improved aspects to Android is the setup process. The startup screen walks you through the steps to sign in into your Google account and offers to replicate the applications you had on your previous device. Essentially just follow the prompts and you’ll be using your phone in no time.

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