Read this before you hand out an iPad Pro to anyone in the office

Your business users may be clamoring for Apple's high-end tablet. Take these steps before deploying.

Virtual keyboard and Split Screen
Michael deAgonia

Good things come in big packages, right?

The Apple iPad Pro is a monstrous tablet with a 12.9-in. screen and the fastest tablet processor Apple has ever made (the A9X). It's thin, mobile and powerful enough to run enterprise-grade apps.

Several companies, such as Logitech and Otterbox, make keyboards and cases specifically for this model. And hell has officially frozen over now that IBM has developed myriad iOS apps and services, including one that is intended to provide enterprise-quality support for the iPhone and iPad.

Clearly, the iPad Pro has become a desirable office product. In some ways, this is the device that makes the most sense for some business users -- even more than a MacBook, an iPhone or a smaller iPad. The iPad Pro is more portable than a laptop yet fast enough for enterprise apps, has a big enough screen for stunning sales demos, boasts a 10-hour battery life and supports genuinely useful keyboard cases including Apple's own Smart Keyboard. There's even a stylus called the Apple Pencil for taking notes at meetings.

All this is not lost on business executives, who may be clamoring for an iPad Pro. The question is: How do you make sure your organization deploys the device effectively? I asked two industry experts to weigh in with some tips to consider before releasing the device into the wild.

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