BlackBerry debuts EMM fruits of Good deal

Three months after a $425 million acquisition of Good Technology, BlackBerry this week announced the integration of its mobile management services with Good's EMM offerings. The move is a clear attempt to lure Citrix and AirWatch customers.

It wasn't all that long ago when Good Technology's CEO took a nasty shot at then-competitor BlackBerry. BlackBerry quickly fired back with a scathing blog post aimed directly at Good.

But that was then. In September, BlackBerry swallowed Good Technology in a $425 million acquisition, and this week the Canadian company announced its first integration between BlackBerry EMM and Good security products: the new Good Secure EMM Suites. (Funny how a few hundred million dollars can smooth over even the deepest rifts.)

What CIOs need to know about Good Secure EMM Suites

The new suites, which offer five security tiers ranging in price from $3 to $25 per user per month, are designed "to meet the full spectrum of security needs, from those that need a light touch, or just secure email and MDM-managed devices, all the way through to those that need a tightly regulated, fully controlled device with secure file sync and share capabilities," according to Jeff Holleran, BlackBerry's vice president of corporate strategy.

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The new suites are notable for CIOs because they can directly reduce mobile complexity and lead to significant cost savings, according to Holleran. "They have the ability to consolidate [all the different MDM parts] into one platform that can meet all of their needs," Holleran says. "It's designed so that as people continue to deploy applications and look at ways to secure communications, all of the options are available to them [in a single platform].

Holleran also says Good Secure EMM Suites are unique in the busy mobile management market. "What you tend to find in the market today are people that focus in on one segment of the market. What we offer with Good Secure EMM Suites is the ability to manage the full spectrum of mobile deployment, from light-touch MDM and secure email all the way through to the most secure 'COBO,' or corporate-owned, business-only devices, where we care about locking down everything about the device, all of the communication and data that comes on and off of that device.”

The news is a clear play to grab more EMM market share from other leading providers, including Citrix and AirWatch, and it furthers BlackBerry's cross-platform EMM strategy.

"To look at the history of strengths of these two organizations, BlackBerry was very strong in MDM, Good was very strong in containers," Holleran says. "So [in the future] you'll see a lot the BlackBerry MDM capabilities tied over to the Good container abilities."

More details about the new Good Secure EMM Suites are available on BlackBerry's site, along with information on these first steps toward full integration of the BlackBerry and Good services


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