Are You Using Time Differently?

Jan 18, 2022
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In the era of digitization, the platform that makes businesses hum may surprise you.

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By Joe Doria, CMO Mainframe Software, Broadcom Software

The pandemic. Yes, it changed us forever. It changed business for sure — think of remote employees, “take out” in the food industry, and how we work with colleagues and customers. Dramatic change unlike anything we’ve seen in a lifetime. Through it, the dynamic of time has become more and more interesting. It almost seems different because of the pandemic. Like light refracting and bending through a prism. But has it really changed? Well, not really. Time is time and we all get the same allotment. It’s how we use it that’s different.

In business, the difference between success and failure is arguably how time is used. For the CIO, it is using it to create advantage. Finding a way to move faster and get there in less time, to be demonstrably better in front of and with customers, meeting their needs, solving their business challenges.

Easy, right? One thing I’ve observed is how accomplished CIOs have made it to their front foot and moved their business to top of the pack. Getting the right technology architecture to support customer interactions with the right customer experience strategy goes a long way.

Even with the extraordinary challenges of the pandemic, the front runners have continued to make gains and lead. It starts with the CIO’s strategy and getting the fundamentals in place. Can you scale for demand? Can you secure and protect your customer transactions with integrity and in a trusted way? Can you move at the speed of business the market demands? Do your infrastructure, systems, and platforms all stack up as “proven” when needed?

Ironically, the platform with the best resume for “proven” may surprise you. Often misunderstood as not “for today’s modern world,” yet it exists in nearly every industry and sector, and it’s within the top category of performers in those segments. 90% of all credit card transactions are processed on this platform, every day, year-round. On its resume is a plethora of modern software technologies that make this platform hum. From AI to machine learning, and from open technologies to enterprise tools. The combination of these are driving efficiency, operations, and development with availability – and it is the bedrock of today’s modern digital experience. Best of all, it easily integrates into hybrid cloud architectures with modern APIs and open standards.

Now how can that be? How could the best resume for delivering core business applications have the highest level of resilience and scale not be an obvious choice for today’s CIO? For lots of not so very good reasons when you look at what it can do and accomplish for today’s most demanding global businesses.

Enough said. Let’s have a conversation, find me @doriajoe on Linkedin. I look forward to it!

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About Joe Doria:

Joe is Chief Marketing Officer of the Mainframe Software Division at Broadcom Software. He is highly skilled at leveraging tremendous amounts of data to inform marketing strategies and plans, while simultaneously encouraging collaboration and creativity to bring power to brand messages and optimize client engagement. Prior to joining Broadcom, Joe oversaw marketing for IBM’s ThinkPad product and developed and directed the global launches of six generations of the mainframe: z10 through z15.