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To be a truly innovative organization, it takes dedication and a willingness to take risk in order to expand and grow.

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I’ve noticed that many organizations across industry sectors have innovation in their mission statement and core values. Yet, what’s often missing is a meaningful program with dedicated resources to guide and empower a culture of innovation. What you end up seeing is unstable adjunct programs that go away the minute there’s a budget cut.

Recruiters often reference the values and mission of a company, and if innovation is included, more interest is generated. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that embraces and promotes innovation and creativity?

Ideally, a dedicated program focused on projects and activities that promote transformation and expansion as technology and other advances become available, is the best way to move forward.

Those who are stagnant lose out on new opportunities. Some fail and go out of business because they have not kept up with the times. Take Blackberry, for example. In 2007, they dominated the market share for phones in the U.S. But once the iPhone and Android took hold, they didn’t focus on change until they almost entirely lost their market share.

In health care, patients are the #1 priority. There’s not a lot of room for health systems to take risks. But, being affiliated with an outside innovation center, like The Innovation Institute, that can own the risk and generate revenues from new products and processes is a strategy that allows health systems to pursue opportunities for change and growth. I think this may be why we now have five health systems across the U.S. working with us to rollout innovation programs for their physicians, nurses, and employees.

Mission and values that emphasize innovation don’t guarantee that an organization will live it and breathe it. However, an active program with sufficient resources that is supported by leadership and embraced by staff is more likely to ensure that innovation thrives as an integral part of the culture.

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