DAASI, Collabora team to bring identity management to CloudSuite, LibreOffice Online

The partnership will also bring LibreOffice Online into the European Commission funded AARC project

Collabora Productivity, the company that offers commercial solutions based on LibreOffice, has partnered with DAASI International, a provider of open source authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and federated identity management products to provide identity management integration solutions for CloudSuite. DAASI International will also offer support and implementation services for companies who want to integrate CloudSuite into their IT landscape.

Speaking of the partnership, Michael Meeks, GM at Collabora Productivity, told me that “DAASI has the deep experience in IDM (identity management) to help organizations integrate Collabora Online with whatever horribly tangled, federated authentication scheme that they have. This helps us to get Collabora Online into more enterprises from a business particular on-premise Cloud setup with single-sign-on to their desktops to larger hosting organizations.”                                              

The two companies will offer flexibility and scalability for large organizations that want to deploy their own cloud document suites.

“Our solutions are based on open source products that implement modern SSO technologies, based on standards such as SAML and OAuth2,” Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International told me. “The IdM integration concept we defined for Collabora Online makes it possible to use such technologies for a flexible integration into existing infrastructure components, especially the already mentioned authentication services. Since at least some of cloud storage systems already support such standards (such as ownCloud), the authentication and authorization information can be reused when accessing and writing files. Again we see how important standards specifications are if different components of different creators/vendors (here IdM/SSO, Office Suite and cloud storage) are to be combined.”

Under the partnership, DAASI International will integrate CloudSuite as a pilot into the European Commission funded AARC project (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration). The AARC project is working on developing and piloting an integrated and interoperable framework for Federated Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures (AAI).

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