15 great video and audio editing apps for the Mac

Need to edit video or audio in OS X? Check out this list of 15 of the best audio and video editing apps available in the Mac App Store.

The Mac has long been regarded as one of the best platforms for video and audio editing. Many professionals use OS X as their preferred platform for creating and editing video and audio content. And one of the best places to to get the tools to do such work is the Mac App Store.

Unfortunately, it can be somewhat daunting to sift through all of the video and audio editing apps currently in the Mac App Store. Not to worry though, I've made it easy for you to get started without having to spend a lot of time looking at a zillion different apps.

In this roundup, I've compiled a list of the 15 best video and audio editing apps in the Mac App Store. On each page you'll find the original app store description, along with the price of the app, a screenshot, and a link to the app in the Mac App Store.

Prices of these apps vary considerably, ranging from free with in-app purchases all the way up to $499.99. So take careful note of what each audio and video editing app has to offer before making a decision about buying it.

If you click through to the Mac App Store, you'll also find more screenshots and user reviews and ratings of some of the apps. 

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