Global Metalstamper Achieves Data Management Success in the Cloud


Hatch Stamping is a metalstamper specializing in design, prototype construction, progressive die construction, stampings and assemblies for the automotive industry with locations spanning the United States and Mexico. Over the years, their exceptional commitment to quality resulted in remarkable growth for the company. However, its DOS-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was not able to handle company growth.

To solve the problem, Hatch Stamping chose the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, a cloud-based ERP solution. With Plex, Hatch now has integrated a manufacturing execution system (MES), quality management and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. This integrated cloud ERP solution enabled data collection from the plant floor to the top floor, allowing technology leaders to have better insight into all aspects of lean manufacturing operations.

Accurate data input and retrieval processes result in the elimination of waste, unnecessary costs and downtime, and a reduction in errors. The time to create reports has been cut down to just minutes, which helps employees proactively address production issues and prevent problems before they occur. Multi-plant features and barcode labeling increase efficiency throughout operations, saving time and producing accurate information.

With a cloud-based ERP solution, Hatch Stamping has improved its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with functionality that enables Hatch to see parts produced per minute, employee time in tasks and more. Cloud ERP capabilities enable manufacturers like Hatch Stamping to experience rapid, sustainable growth on a global scale.

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