6 great animation apps for the Mac

The Mac has long been a premier platform for many artists, and these six apps from the Mac App Store are powerful tools for creating all kinds of animated content

Macs have been a favorite of artists for many years, and have long been used to create all kinds of animated content. Everything from cartoons, to movies, to animated illustrations have been done in OS X on all kinds of different Mac computers.

But finding the right animation app can be a chore if you don't know where to start. In this roundup I've included six of the best animation apps that you can get in the Mac App Store.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what's available in terms of animation tools for the Mac, it will serve as a good place to start, and it might save you a lot of time poking around in the Mac App Store.

animation apps for mac Draw with Jazza

Each page in this roundup contains the original Mac App Store description, along with a screenshot of each animation app. Prices of these apps ranges from free (with in-app purchases) to $49.99. Be sure to read through the description of each app before you decide to buy it.

You can also click through to see user ratings and reviews for some of the animation apps in the Mac App Store.

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