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Even 800-pound gorillas can be disrupted

"As CIOs, our responsibilities and our roles are transforming," says Frito-Lay's Kristen Blum. "We have to step out of our comfort zones every day.”

Kristen Blum, Frito-Lay Frito-Lay

At the CIO Perspectives event in Dallas last month, CIO Events Editor-in-Chief Maryfran Johnson sat down for a fireside chat with Kristen Blum, Senior Vice President and CIO at Frito Lay North America. Blum discussed how the company is constantly thinking about disruption despite being a market leader in the snack food industry.

"How do we make sure that somebody doesn’t come along and make us obsolete? There’s disruption going on every day. Don’t ever sit back and think, ‘I’m just going to perform business like I’ve always performed business, because we’re the 800-lb gorilla and no one can touch us.’ Au contraire. That’s not the case. No matter who you are and what industry [you’re in], if you aren’t thinking about how you disrupt, stay disrupted, and put the consumer above all else, you will be obsolete, I guarantee that."

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