IT salaries 2016: How to pump up your paycheck

The numbers paint a pretty rosy financial picture for IT professionals. After a respectable 3.6% rise in 2015, IT compensation is up again this year, according to Computerworld's 2016 IT Salary Survey results.

The 3,300 IT pros who took the survey reported an average 3.9% increase in total compensation (base salary plus bonus) for 2016. We haven't seen such strong consecutive-year pay increases in nearly a decade.

Overall, career satisfaction levels are positive, with 60% of workers reporting that they believe an IT career path — and its potential for salary advancement — is more promising than other career paths. Only 9% of IT workers feel that IT offers less potential than other careers. And a whopping 85% of survey respondents said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their decision to pursue a career in IT.

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