Morgan Stanley, HSBC and KnowBe4 Kick off Discussion at the CSO Security Summit

News By Romy Tuin and CIO UK Events
Feb 16, 20224 mins
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Theu202fCSO Security Summit, to be held virtually on 16-17 March, will focus on the theme: Leading, Together.u202f

Rachel Wilson, Jonathan Scott-Lee, Javvad Malik

The CSO Security Summit, to be held virtually on 16-17 March, will focus on the theme: Leading, Together. 

Across the two days, conversations will delve into how cybersecurity leadership has been impacted and changed over the past two years. Discussions will explore key aspects of the modern CISO role, how cybersecurity threats are evolving, and where new opportunities lie in areas such as talent development and innovation.

Keynotes include a conversation with Rachel Wilson, Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. Rachel’s career is staggering, spending 15 years at the NSA where she ran counterterrorism operations and led a global enterprise in detecting and disrupting terrorist plots against the United States and its allies. Between 2010 and 2012, Rachel served as NSA’s Chief of Operations in the UK, working out of the US Embassy in London. There, she worked with UK intelligence services to counter terrorist and cyberthreats to the 2012 Olympic Games. In April 2017, Rachel became the first Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Investment Technology. She is responsible for protecting the cybersecurity of Wealth Management, Investment Management, and Prime Brokerage systems, along with safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of organisational and client data. In conversation with UK CSO Editor Michael Hill, she discusses the role of the modern-day CISO, how teams can embrace the new security opportunities that have arisen since the COVID-19 pandemic, and share her predictions on what’s next for the sector.

Our second keynote is with Jonathan Scott-Lee, Asia Pacific CISO for HSBC. He is also a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Threat Intelligence Committee (RTIC) of FS-ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre) and the deputy chairman of the Cybersecurity Committee at ASIFMA (the Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association). Jonathan is an ambassador for neurodiversity and focuses his conversation with Michael on how the culture at HSBC has helped him thrive with ADHD, raise awareness around neurodiversity in the industry, and reflects on what organisations can do better in this area. He also delves into how companies should value different skills that can be brought to the table and the importance in building a diverse team where employees support one another and bring out the best in each other. 

Javvad Malik, Security Awareness advocate for EMEA at KnowBe4, takes a fresh and innovative look at what’s happening in cybersecurity today and examines influences from society including cryptocurrency and the rise of NFTs. In conversation with Michael, he highlights the different traits of a successful CISO and what security leaders can do to continue to strive forward in today’s world.

Following these sessions, in-depth panel debates will cover a range of issues that CISOs are facing right now, including reporting data breaches, building cybersecurity cultures, and encouraging security talent and skills. Sarb Sembhi, CISO at AirEye, moderates a conversation focusing on the new frontier of cybersecurity. From IoT to wireless and hybrid working, he uncovers the influence of emerging technology on security, new and upcoming threats, and changes in security investments towards a more innovative security approach.

Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Security and Trust at IDC, joins Mehul Patel, Director Security & Infrastructure at Amyris, Paul Holland, principal analyst at ISF, and Scott Carey in a not-to-be-missed panel on cloud-native security, unwrapping the complexity of containers and Kubernetes, and sharing advice for those starting on this journey.

Other sessions worth adding to your diary are discussions on the importance of community in cybersecurity, how to build a scalable cloud security strategy, and what it means to be a successful CISO today.

There is still time to register for the event, which you can do here, and you can reach out to the IDG UK Events Team with any questions you have and to find out more about future speaking opportunities and security events planned for 2022.