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IT resume makeover: Turn your resume into a story

Too many resumes list skills and experience but lack a personable touch. You won't catch a hiring manager's eye that way. In this Resume Makeover, Jennifer Hay turns a stale resume into a career story that will stand out.

creating a resume that gets you hired

The pressure of writing a professional resume or cover letter can often leave the finished product stiff and lacking personality. It can be difficult for job seekers to find a balance between writing a resume that feels too professional and one that's too casual. But, unfortunately, finding the right tone is one of the most important parts of writing a resume. You need to get the attention of the hiring manager, according to Jennifer Hay, professional resume writer for IT Resume Service. In this month's Resume Makeover, Hay transforms the resume of John Kent, who has over 20 years of experience in IT manufacturing, to show his qualifications as an IT director. Kent's name has been changed at his request.

Kent thought that his resume didn't illustrate his experience in IT and his qualifications as an IT director. "I felt that my resume did not express the true nature of my expertise [or] the direction that I wanted to go for my future career." What he wanted was resume to show that he has the background and education to qualify for IT director roles, which became the focus of Hay's process.

Create a strong narrative

Hay says she first looked at the "story" of Kent's resume to see how it would stand out among a pile of resumes on a hiring manager's desk. "Imagine a hiring manager having to wade through lots and lots of technical resumes," she says. "A resume has to include the technical stuff, but should also describe the journey for getting to the achievements. I have tried to do this with interesting narratives that are completely factual and not full of exaggerated language."

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