6 ways to better align IT with the business

MIT's CISR center says ‘demand shaping’ is a better way for business and IT to collaborate. Does it work?

If you're a tech executive tired of being instructed to "align IT with the business," you're not alone.

Senior IT leaders genuinely do want to bring their organizations in line with strategic business goals, but often they find the relationship isn't exactly an equal partnership. As Mihir Shah, CTO of the asset management group at Fidelity Investments, quips, "Perfect alignment is when the business gets whatever it wants, whenever it wants."

When resource-constrained IT has to deal with multiple business units simultaneously -- all demanding what they want when they want it -- the situation quickly becomes untenable.

But with digital transformation and innovation accelerating nearly every industry, the pressure is on more than ever to align IT and the business. Is there a better way to forge a more perfect partnership?

Yes, say the folks at MIT's Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), who are championing a concept called "demand shaping."

Read on to discover the six key elements in the MIT CISR toolbox and learn why CIOs interviewed by Computerworld are hailing demand shaping as a way of getting more bang for the buck out of IT.

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