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How NZ CIOs view the challenge of IT staff’s intent to leave

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Mar 09, 2022
IT Jobs

The best bet is to keep people engaged with a sense of purpose and a strong value proposition — and to realise that CIOs can hire those who leave other employers.

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The IT talent shortage is a key concern for many New Zealand businesses, and retaining current staff looks to become even more of a headache for New Zealand CIOs in 2022. That survey found that Australia and New Zealand IT staff had the least intention to remain with their current employers than their counterparts in most regions of the world.

Karl Wright, CIO and CISO, DatacomIn a conversation with CIO New Zealand, Datacom CIO and CISO Karl Wright was philosophical about the findings of the survey. “However thin the coin, there remains two sides: those looking to leave are also seeking to join. This means businesses have an opportunity to put their best foot forward with an outstanding employee value proposition that will both retain current and attract the new.”

Wright said that, when it comes to retaining staff, Datacom is focused on giving its people learning and development opportunities, “whether that be growing and evolving in their current role or extending their expertise by taking on a completely different role within our business.”

He also highlighted that the company strives to create an inclusive environment “where every individual feels valued, where work life balance is celebrated and where people feel like they are part of something bigger than just a nine-to-five job.”

Stephen Ponsford, CEO, QriousAt Qrious, Spark’s data analytics and AI business, Stephen Ponsford, the company’s CTO turned CEO, also recognises that the company needs to keep its people engaged and valued.

He said a big part of that was connecting their people with the impact they bring to organisations like the Department of Conservation. Data scientists from Qrious worked with DoC on a ground-breaking machine-learning AI solution to help identify kiwi in the wild.

“It’s great when our staff can connect with the value our customers are getting,” Ponsford said. “We’ve really focused on being a purpose- and values-driven organisation. … We look at our purpose around transforming New Zealand, how can we make New Zealand get ahead. … It’s one of those great goals that as an organisation we can all rally around: How can data-driven innovation help support New Zealand not only get back on its feet but thrive in a post-COVID world.”