Cloud Foundry launches fellowship program

The Cloud Foundry Foundation Fellowship program will serve as a think tank for the industry.

Cloud Foundry Foundation has launched a new fellowship program to bring subject matter experts to the foundation. Under the program the foundation will select expertise from member companies, including Pivotal, EMC, HP, IBM, VMware, Intel and SAP, to help drive critical Cloud Foundry needs. In other words Cloud Foundry has essentially created a think tank for the cloud industry.

“The Fellowship program was designed to foster and encourage membership engagement for the Cloud Foundry community," says Sam Ramji, CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation. "It allows the community to contribute experts and leaders for a period of time so that a community member can focus and dive deep on targeted initiatives.”

The way Cloud Foundry works is that each member company commits engineering resources to the foundation. And the primary goal of the fellowship program is to allow Cloud Foundry Foundation member companies to contribute experts and leaders to work for a specified period of time on some particular initiatives.

Cloud Foundry has selected Abby Kearns of Pivotal as the first fellow. She will be driving ecosystem and content strategy for Cloud Foundry.

Welcoming Kearns to the foundation, Ramji said, “She will help the Foundation build an ecosystem to support the current and future user community, bringing her wealth of knowledge of the Cloud Foundry community with her.”

“By taking a unique 'think tank' approach in the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we have visibility across an entire industry, and focus on driving the best outcome for the ecosystem as a whole,” Kearns said in a statement. “I’m honored to be the first of many fellows to help drive the adoption of multi-cloud environments in the world’s largest enterprises.”

Cloud Foundry Foundation is looking to bring more fellows to the think tank. “Any Cloud Foundry Foundation members are welcome and encouraged to take part in this program," Ramji said. "We are looking for a deep level of skill and proven leadership in particular areas, such as economic research, technical architecture, policy development, government relations, and ecosystem strategy.”

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