CIOs: Match security plans to your company's 'risk appetite'

In this free report from the CIO Executive Council, CIOs discuss their risk-management strategies for dealing with cybersecurity threats and the aftermath of a data breach.

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This report from the CIO Executive Council (CEC), based on a webcast featuring Scott Angelo, CIO at K&L Gates, and Mike Plantinga, CIO at CIBC Mellon, explores CIO-level strategies for dealing with cybersecurity threats – before and after a data breach.

One step the report recommends is developing a “risk appetite statement” that identifies how much the organization is willing to spend on certain security threats.

The report also encourages CIOs to develop a plan for how to communicate with various stakeholders, such as the board of directors and outsiders, in case of a data breach.

To learn more, register to download the free report, which includes a link to the full CEC webcast.

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